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Welcome to the struggle. Proto-Prothesis Records was formed by members of Distorted Sound Sadists as a way to promote their music without worrying about sacrificing their vision of chaos and entropy on stage. At first the struggle was taken on by Dead Animal Wreckordz, a label striving to host punk bands. Dead Animal Wreckordz did a good job at first of planting the seeds of evil in Charleston, plus they brought DSS together with Store Bought Lies to form an allegiance of Electronic Experimental and Industrial music in Charleston that has entertained, challenged, and quite frankly pissed off the holy city's underground scene. Due to a lot of crap on the owners plate, he started to slack off in promotion and production and yet again DSS was forced to fend for themselves along with SBL. Rumors that Dead Animal Wreckordz was up for sale prompted a huge increase in band productivity, but that like all things in the holy city fell flat on it's ass. THUS THE LAUNCH OF PROTOPROTHESIS RECORDS/COLLECTIVE