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Band Album Format Cost 
SBL Good As Dead EP CD-R $5.00

DSS: "Primitve Entropy" --  The first full length recording in the 6 year span that has been DSS. This album comes packed with old remade songs backed up by newer digital assaults, as well as remixes plus a bonus track by Another Forgotten Machine and Vyrss. The subject matter runs from festering wounds in the soul to entropy on the entire format of a song. Charleston has never and will never recreate or understand this CD and this band.

SBL: "Good As Dead EP" --  This EP was released to blue ball the listener into the full length that is still being worked upon. SBL does not back down as PIGBOY assimilates you into his world of Driving guitars, pulling synth lines, and pulsating marching beats. Then just as the listener feels that they can be a part of the song by feeling the energy, SBL changes the whole style on the next song just to throw the listener into a state of panic or false reality. This EP is merely the appetizer to the dominance that will become STORE BOUGHT LIES!